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How to reach Podbanské…

by public transport

The nearest airports are

There are smaller airports in Poprad and in Sliač, but it is unlikely that you will be able to manage tickets there.

Going from Vienna (Schwechat) it is the most convenient to take a bus to Bratislava and then manage your trip further. You have buses to Bratislava Bus Station every half an hour operated by two lines: Slovak Lines and RegioJet/STUDENT AGENCY a.s.. You should reserve a ticket (open ticket) in advance in both cases.

As concerns reaching Podbanské, there are plenty of buses and trains either to Liptovský Mikuláš or to Liptovský Hrádok, where you will find local buses to Podbanské The most convenient way to plan you trip is to check this page for the timetables. Choose the language pressing the icon in right bottom of the form on that page, if necessary.

by car

You have to reach highway D1 (E50) either in Bratislava (going from south), Púchov, Považská Bystrica, or in Žilina (going from west). The direction is north-east. Then follow the highway and leave it at the exit Podbrezová-Podbanské-Liptovský Hrádok and follow the route 537 to the north. In Podbanské leave the route 537 on the first branching to the left and follow the route to the end.

If you will go from Bratislava, you have an option not to follow D1, but nearby Trnava you can switch to motorway R1 (E77). Then, in Banská Bystrica you can follow to the direction to Ružomberok (E77) returning back to highway D1 or you can go directly, choosing route 66 to Podbrezová, where you have to turn to the right (north) to the route 72 and just before Hybe you have to turn to the left (west) to the route 18 to Liptovský Hrádok. Here you will turn back to the north to the route 537.

Please refer the above map for the details.

The details about travelling will be precised later. Have good trip to Podbanské.

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